Jewelry show in San Miguel de Allende

I’m traveling to Mexico soon, and doing a show in San Miguel. All those in San Miguel, here’s the information on the show;

We are having a jewelry trunk show and fund raiser for Santi at our house 17 Garita on August 5 from 4:00 to 6:00. (20% of all jewelry sales proceeds will go to Santi.) The band, The Mavericks, will be here. There will be Negroni’s made with Prosecco. We will also serve cheese platters from Luna de Queso. The jewelry is one of a kind art jewelry. (Quincie’s Art Jewelry.) It’s stunning and I haven’t seen anything like it here. Quincie will be visiting from Florida. Santi is a young San Miguel boy with challenges with his immune system.

Please let me know if you can make this show in San Miguel, and I’ll notify the host.

the streets of San Miguel de Allende…

the streets of San Miguel de Allende…

Bye, bye 2018, and hello 2019...finally.

Hello jewelry mavens.

I’ve missed talking to you, and so I’m wondering what your goals are for 2019? I’m working on a “dry” January where I don’t drink wine like I’m trying to compete with Bacchus. My husband, Billy Gwynn and I went to Europe this summer for a month, and during that month, I had to try as many wines throughout France, Croatia, and Czechoslovakia. All of these countries proved to me that their viticulture talents could thrill me beyond measure. Now, that I’m not drinking wine, I’m dreaming wine, and so it goes. I’m back in the shop working hard and creating some beautiful jewelry. I’ll be updating my website with new pictures on my shopping page. Keep checking back this week. Until then, I’ll leave you with pictures that I see in my dreams.

As always,



Bordeaux, France

who has a namesake wine?


Client photo streaming...

I began a journey last year by taking a branding workshop, and photo streaming clients wearing my jewelry on my website was one suggestion. Well, that was a year ago, the photo shoots began in February, and I'm just beginning to place them on-line. Thanks for your patience, and thank you Michael Scholl for your talent and the fortitude you showed during these photo shoots. 

Traveling Florida

As our life becomes too busy, I think of the simpler life of lazy rivers and springs throughout Florida. Dede pushed Ann and I to stop and enjoy this pleasure, and now I remember how I once made a resolution to seek out Rivers and Springs of Florida myself. Not only did we swim with Manatees and experienced the generous nature of Captain Greg, but also dined at the "Freezer Tiki Bar," which is not to be missed.

Homosassa River - Looking for Manatees

Homosassa River - Looking for Manatees

May, the month of excitement.

What shall we do in May? Or, there's so much to do in May, how do we plan our calendar?

A sensational event that I will be involved with is the, Oyster and Pearls Dinner at Kitchenable on Saturday, May 13th, see the link below. The seating is limited to 20 people, so order your tickets today. This is a fundraiser to help Human Trafficking Survivors recover from their difficult situations.

Next, I'm helping Jessica at KitchenAble, cater the Hospice Spring Fling Fundraiser at Tallahassee Nursery on Thursday, May 18th. We hope to see you there.  It's always a exciting assemblage of people, food, and wine.

Best of all, now that I finished the amazing "Chain Of Parks show," I can begin to lift my head and peer out into May. May is going to be wild and wonderful, and I'm ready to ride that May pony.  First of all, our son, Henry Gwynn is graduating from FSU with a degree in Biology. We're so proud of Henry that words just can't describe our joy. Yay, Henry. I've been experimenting with different recipes for upcoming parties, and I found this scrumptious pistachio cake on Smitten Kitchen's blog page.

Another food blog post that I love is I just tried the black eyed pea hummus and it's perfect for a new take on hummus for upcoming parties.
That's it for right now as I hear the rumblings of our upcoming storm.  I'm off to fertilize my roses.  
As always,

As always, I'll have my quintessential "Beads Around the World" jewelry at the park, but, so much more.

We just had Passover, and yes, It's Easter weekend, and now "The Chain of Parks."  Whew, we're busy, and so it goes.  The "Chain"  always falls on the third weekend in April, so we're sharing this week with several religious and cultural traditions. One thing that we're not sharing this weekend with is rain. Yeah, not sitting up my tent in a downpour is something that I'm looking forward to.  Also, spending time with artists, Chain of Park volunteers, patrons, and all manner of community activities will round up an exciting weekend. I'm ready to have so fun with all of you.  My booth number is #127, which faces Park Ave., right behind the VIP booth, or should I say, my same booth placement.  I know that if you're in town, you'll be by to say hello and buy that special piece of art to satisfy your soul.  Here's a link to the Chain's web site, so you can plan your strategy and view the artists.
As always, Quincie

Road trip, yay!

Billy and I are driving to Atlanta today, to visit with friends and then to attend a wedding in Athens, Ga.  After such a busy month, I long for the distraction.  The move was a tough one, the opening party was a huge success, and I even made it through Valentines Day with aplomb. Courtney and I are so thrilled to be in our new shop, so all the work was well worth it.  The great thing about getting out of town, is that the new inspirations are all around and my eyes are keen to see.  Below is a snapshot of things to come.  Seriously, I've got to keep you involved in the creative process, too.    My new quote is "being original is not easy, but it's oh, so fun."

As always,


Post opening party reviews by Moi.

I can't begin to voice all my appreciation for such wonderful turn out at the new shop.  My oh my, you are a lovely bunch, aren't you?  It couldn't have been so much fun without Jessica @ Kitchenable plating and creating such delicious food, as well as Ruth who tended the bar with my signature drink of a fizzy water/Pinot Grigio, Grande Marnier, and skewered kumquat straight from the garden that morning.  I was especially moved by how many people bought the pearl necklaces to support "Thrive and Survive," an organization that helps human trafficking survivors.  Kudos to you all for that.  Our new location has been such a fantastic move that I'll have to spend more time in the studio, but for today, I'm heading out to the greenhouse to get my Spring garden seeds started.  Monday is usually my gardening day, but since it's Valentines Day on Tuesday, I'll be in the shop to see if I can help spread the love.  



With the help of the flying monkeys, we've moved!


We're still fluffing, buffing and settling in to our new digs, but we do look amazing.  All we need is few chandeliers and for you to drop by.  We're located between Tallahassee Decorative Fabrics and Royal Nails, 2030 Thomasville Road.  Our sign is ordered, but not installed, but we're there.  Ours hours are 10-6, Monday-Friday, and Saturday 11-5.  

As always,

Cyber Monday sale with Quincie's handmade jewelry

Did I say free shipping? ** It's Cyber Monday and I'm starting NOW!

All on-line jewelry is marked 20% off and anything over $100.00 is shipped for free!

Our mailing address is:

Quincie Hamby's Art Jewelry 1950 Thomasville Rd. As You Wish Boutique Tallahassee, Florida 32303 

Holiday Hours:  Monday - Friday; 11-6:00, Saturday 11-5:00 and Sunday 11:00-3:00 pm.

Happy Holidays. 

Quincie Hamby Art Jewelry

We're moving in January 2017 - come by to get the story.  

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm so thankful for my ability to love and be loved in return, but mostly I'm thankful for our beautiful planet. We are so fortunate to live on this Earth and experience all her glory. Much love to you all. Quincie

Side note...The shop will be open on Saturday, 11-6, and on Sunday, 11-3. And we will be open continuously until Christmas...whoa again.

a great stocking stuffer...oyster shell earrings.

Our mailing address is: Quincie Hamby's Art Jewelry 1950 Thomasville Rd. As You Wish Boutique Tallahassee, Florida 32303 

Here's the new winners!  Thanks.

"But wait a bit," the Oysters cried, "Before we have our chat; Lewis Carroll

It's the fourth week of my contest and we did well.

Thanks for all the reviews, your time, energy, and perseverance. Wow, I'm overwhelmed by all the kindness. I still have another "oyster" to pull out of my hat, so stay tuned for the final contest blog post. Keep those reviews coming. Below are the new "Art Jewelry" give aways. If you've posted a review and live out of town, or can't come by to pick up your earrings, email your address, and I'll send them out. Just click the mail button below. As always, Quincie

Beads Around the World single strand won by Susan Hancock

Beads Around the World bracelet won by Susan Campbell

Abalone and agate earring won by Courtney Starling


Okay, it the second week's winners!!!!!

and the second week winners are...

** I'm still with you in the contest,

but I just got a little behind on the notifications. Hurricane Hermine and the full moon in Virgo and life threw me behind and so, I'm a little late.

** We have one more week to go,

and I'll be adding three more jewelry prizes this week. I'll post those on Saturday. Thanks for everyone's reviews. You all have been so kind in posting, even those who decided to post on FB, your names are in the hat, too. Please pick up your oyster shell earrings at the shop, or let me know if you need them mailed, and email me your address, see links below. Also, I have a surprise for the fourth week, so keep reading. More to come. As always, Quincie.

Botanical Chatelaine goes to Brandy Luce

African beaded bracelet goes to Karen Liebert

green pearl earrings goes to Anne Knox

Quincie Hamby's Art Jewelry . 1950 Thomasville Rd. . As You Wish Boutique . Tallahassee, Florida 32303 . USA