May, the month of excitement.

What shall we do in May? Or, there's so much to do in May, how do we plan our calendar?

A sensational event that I will be involved with is the, Oyster and Pearls Dinner at Kitchenable on Saturday, May 13th, see the link below. The seating is limited to 20 people, so order your tickets today. This is a fundraiser to help Human Trafficking Survivors recover from their difficult situations.

Next, I'm helping Jessica at KitchenAble, cater the Hospice Spring Fling Fundraiser at Tallahassee Nursery on Thursday, May 18th. We hope to see you there.  It's always a exciting assemblage of people, food, and wine.

Best of all, now that I finished the amazing "Chain Of Parks show," I can begin to lift my head and peer out into May. May is going to be wild and wonderful, and I'm ready to ride that May pony.  First of all, our son, Henry Gwynn is graduating from FSU with a degree in Biology. We're so proud of Henry that words just can't describe our joy. Yay, Henry. I've been experimenting with different recipes for upcoming parties, and I found this scrumptious pistachio cake on Smitten Kitchen's blog page.

Another food blog post that I love is I just tried the black eyed pea hummus and it's perfect for a new take on hummus for upcoming parties.
That's it for right now as I hear the rumblings of our upcoming storm.  I'm off to fertilize my roses.  
As always,