Post opening party reviews by Moi.

I can't begin to voice all my appreciation for such wonderful turn out at the new shop.  My oh my, you are a lovely bunch, aren't you?  It couldn't have been so much fun without Jessica @ Kitchenable plating and creating such delicious food, as well as Ruth who tended the bar with my signature drink of a fizzy water/Pinot Grigio, Grande Marnier, and skewered kumquat straight from the garden that morning.  I was especially moved by how many people bought the pearl necklaces to support "Thrive and Survive," an organization that helps human trafficking survivors.  Kudos to you all for that.  Our new location has been such a fantastic move that I'll have to spend more time in the studio, but for today, I'm heading out to the greenhouse to get my Spring garden seeds started.  Monday is usually my gardening day, but since it's Valentines Day on Tuesday, I'll be in the shop to see if I can help spread the love.  


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