I'm proud to say, it's finally completed.

I'm shopping around for something to do that no one will like. Jerry Garcia

It's time to shop on-line, yes I did it.

It's taken so long to connect my on-line shopping cart, but now it's done, and I was a fool to think it was difficult. It was just time consuming, and a perfect activity to do when you don't want to be outside in 100 degree heat. I will keep posting new pieces all week long, and so I hope you continue to look at my site, and see something that you can't live without. Please notice below my "new" design, The Chatelaine. The Chatelaine has a focal pendant that is connected to a complimentary selection of beads, wire wrapped to a center clasp, and then a chain. Now I will offer a Chatelaine design in each Collection created. As always, Quincie

This is the newest Chatelaine is from the Abalone Sea Collection. The pendant is an oyster shell fragment from St. George's Island that is wire wrapped to Abalone, blue chalcedony, dyed, blue agate, turquoise, and freshwater pearls, which is then connected to a hand made sterling toggle clasp, and silver tone chain. Perfectly suited for the summer because it's light, but the beautiful blues remind me of the beach...not to mention the oyster shell.

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Our mailing address is: Quincie Hamby's Art Jewelry 1950 Thomasville Rd. Tallahassee, Florida 32303 - Betton Plaza, right next to Food Glorious Food, outside dining.  

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