Quincie Hamby Art Jewelry

you call it procrastion...I call it thinking. 

** Yes, I said, "free art jewelry,"

but for a favor. I now have 20 fabulous reviews on google. Thank to all that have participated. Above is a Zimbabwe necklace that I will select for the Saturday drawing for those who have already given me a review and those who will give me a review before Saturday. Also, I have a gift for everyone who gives me a review and that will be revealed on Saturday, too.

So here is a direct link to my business, and the steps to give me a google review.

1. google Quincie Hamby Jewelry

2. look to the right of the page under my picture for a blue circle with an arrow in it pointing down.  Click on that arrow. 

3. Now look for the five gray stars, click on those, and a box will come up asking you for a description of your experience with me.

4. Write a great review with all the stars and then click on post your review.

That's it! I'm hoping that this will make my website noticeable on google, etc. Thanks for you help. I'll post again this weekend revealing the first weeks winner. For I will be giving away a necklace every week of the month. As always, Quincie.


Our mailing address is:

1950 Thomasville Road Tallahassee, Florida 32303 850-567-8690 ** www.quinciehamby.com 

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