Nowhere Road meets Lucky Jones Road

‘I could tell you my adventures–beginning from this morning,’ said Alice a little timidly: ‘but it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.’ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Was I traveling the Lucky Jones Rd.,or the Rd. to Nowhere?

Who cares because it was all delightful. I got it in a zen moment, when I noticed this sign right outside of Danielsvillle, GA.. I just finished my annual show in Cashiers, NC., and heading back down the mountain towards Athens, Ga. I promised myself that I would spend more time in Athens. Since I knew I would be tired, I chose Danielsville, just north of Athens as my Airbnb landing site for the night. It was perfect evening, we even had a big storm that rolled through. Bring food, for the area is a food desert, but the hosts and setting was worth every missing restaurant. There's also the Boutier Vineyard right next door, just saying.

I was traveling with my friend, Sherrie who is a huge and unrelenting collector of, oh well, you name it? We found vintage tupperware to a fantastic turn of the century English sewing machine. That was the Lucky Jones part of the equation. The Nowhere part of the equation was that we finally made a name of my navigation blips, "that only cost us 5 minutes," but I must say that we only drove country roads. It only took us 13 hours to drive to Cashiers! Several days and miles and antique stores later, I'm back.

I'm also here to tell you that I'm taking a stay-cation. "As You Wish" and Q. will be closed August 8th - 15th, and we'll reopen Tuesday, August 16th. I'll be in the garden and yard, weather permitting, and have a long list of items to check off. I'm going to work on several new jewelry projects and hope you can stop by after the 16th to see what's new and creative.

As for now, I'll be eating those GA. peaches and pecans in my vintage Tupperware and reminiscing of all those GA. farming roads. Oh, wait...we did Eufaula, AL., too.

As always, Quincie

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