Unique Collections


Beads Around the World

The Beads Around The World Design Pieces Define My Jewelry, It's My Signature Necklace And I Have Been Making This Design For Over 25 Years.

Janet - side.jpg

Zimbabwe Collection

I Love The Relationship That I've Developed With African Traders. They're Such Kind And Considerate Men. They’re Patient And Never Rush Me Into A Decision.


Found Objects/Ribbon Necklace

I Started Creating Jewelry Over 25 Years Ago With Fits And Starts Along The Way. It Began Like Everyones, A Simple Beaded Necklace To Enjoy.


Abalone Sea Collection

As The Heat Of The Summer Comes Into It's Full Strength, All Desires Either Think Of The Cool Forests Of The Mountains, Or The Cool Waters Of The North Florida Springs, Or The Nearby Oceans.